About David M. Kenton, MD

  • My Education

    About David M. Kenton, MD

    My father was a high school biology and math teacher and my mother was a nurse. I knew from an early age that education and the value of lifelong learning was essential in life. Even when finances were tough due to pay freezes, taxes, and commuter costs my parents made sure I could get the best education possible.

    As a result, I was valedictorian of my graduating class at Nyack High School and had the chance to pursue medicine as a career. I spent my undergraduate years at Colgate University for my pre-med program as a biology major before moving on to the State University of New York at Buffalo for medical school. Upon graduation I became David M. Kenton M.D. I spent my internship and residency at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital from July 1979 to June 1982. My cardiology fellowship was at Georgetown University from July 1982 to June 1984 and shortly thereafter I went into private practice.

    I’m proud to share my passion for learning with others.

  • My Career

    After completing my internship/residency and fellowship, I was one of the attending cardiologists and internists for the Northridge Medical Center, Delray Community Hospital, North Broward Medical Center, and West Boca Medical Center. Recently, I’ve been a cardiologist and internist for several different clinics, including, East-West Physicians and L&M Medical Clinic. I also did VIP 24 hour house calls in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties for Doctors Now for one- on-one personalized services.

    My experience includes aesthetic medicine involving botox, fillers, PRP for hair regeneration, PRP facial regeneration and scar improvement, medical weight loss, and testosterone replacement therapy.

    I am looking forward to joining Preste Medical in Fort Lauderdale to continue my cardiology and preventive medicine practice.

  • My Focus

    I’m passionate about giving my patients the most up to date and advanced care that I can provide. I am always looking into the latest research and tools to do just that. Some of my professional interests include preventative care in cardiology, regenerative medicine involving stem cell research and therapy, exosomes and anti-aging.

    Preventive medicine promotes the overall well-being of the patient and attempts to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the body before disease and injury occur. While preventing everything isn’t possible as of yet, preventative medicine and genetic testing can help you remain healthier for longer periods of time.

    Stem cell research as well as exosome therapy are big parts of regenerative medicine, which can replace diseased cells with healthy new ones. Many people can benefit from regenerative medicine for health and cosmetic reasons. Regenerative medicine research benefits a wide range of people and conditions, including but not limited to:

    • Severe injuries, especially of the spinal cord. Type 1 diabetics.
    • Alzheimer’s Disease.
    • Heart disease and stroke.
    • Cancer. Osteoarthritis. Parkinson’s Disease Burn injuries.

    Regenerative medicine overall can help restore damaged or diseased organs or body parts, giving a new chance for your body to thrive. Stem cell research can also introduce new and effective treatments by testing new drugs to ensure they are safe and work well for the patient.

    In my new practice I will be performing a number of specialized cardiology and preventative procedures:

    • Noninvasive cardiology.
    • Preventative medicine.
    • Diagnostic testing.
    • Echocardiogram (Echo).
    • Carotid, aortic, thyroid, renal, and other ultrasounds.
    • Peripheral vascular testing involving venous and arterial studies.

    With the number of noninvasive tools currently available, it’s more possible than ever to diagnose a multitude of organ abnormalities without needles or other internal tools.

    Tests like echocardiograms and other ultrasounds can give a better picture of what may be causing issues with organs such as the heart, other major arteries, the great vessels and other organs.

    I am also looking forward to introducing outpatient sleep studies to diagnose sleep abnormalities from the comfort of your home. Remote patient monitoring and balance testing is also something I will offer as comfortable, simple procedures without the anxiety of being poked and prodded unnecessarily.

  • My Hobbies and Interests

    My love for the ocean began as a small child and continues today. I’ve had a fascination for the ocean and all its limitless and mysterious contents. I greatly enjoy saltwater fishing, snorkeling, and wouldn’t mind learning more about underwater photography. I’ve had the opportunity to do multiple studies related to ocean life and the world of oceanography, including my own drift study with real messages in a bottle. In the 1970’s my findings were published in the University of Rhode Island Maritimes publication. During my time at Colgate University, I had the opportunity to do a study on coral reefs in Jamaica and collect various specimens for research.

    As a world-wide traveler, I appreciate the art and culture from around the globe. I am particularly fond of Frederick Morgan’s work which I fell in love with when attending a cardiology conference in New Orleans.

    Being born and raised in New York, it’s no surprise that I’ve been a Yankees Fan since I was two years old. I used to collect baseball cards when they were five cents. In high school, I upgraded to being a varsity pitcher. While I never went pro, I still loved the sport and will still watch baseball as well as football, tennis and swimming. I stay in shape by playing pickleball and tennis.

Want to learn more about what I do or invite me for professional opportunities? Get in touch.